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CERTEK - Maintenance

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Maintenance Solutions just for you.

CERTEK Maintenance - Where just maintaining ends, and maintenance begins!

‘Maintenance Done Right’

Ask yourself these questions to determine if a maintenance program like CERTEK - Maintenance can help you.

  1. Do you call a repairman only when failures of equipment or systems occur?
  2. Are your repair costs over budget due to irregular maintenance?
  3. If you do not have a maintenance budget, are your costs much higher than expected?
  4. Are you always reacting to failures versus performing preventive maintenance to possibly identify failures before they reach a point of not being cost-effective?
  5. Does your facility have a managed maintenance program for preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance?
  6. Do you maintain records of historical data for readings, reports, and other information vital to analyzing equipment and system issues?
  7. Do you have a system in place that could alert you and your technicians that maintenance is not being performed in a timely manner?
  8. Do you have a system in place that automatically reminds and prompts your technicians of what they should be doing and what they have not done?
  9. Do you have a system in place that can manage multiple users without interfering with the other when entering maintenance data?
  10. Do you have a system in place that has two interfaces with one for admin and the other for field technicians?
  11. Do you have a system in place that can send constant notifications and also allow emails to be edited and managed?
  12. Are you performing your preventive maintenance using spreadsheets or some other method using documents?
  13. Would you like to perform your maintenance using a completely digital and automated method?
  14. Would you like your team to use a system that will help them coordinate their work to keep from being redundant with maintenance tasks?

Whatever your answers are to the questions above, CERTEK - Maintenance can help you streamline your maintenance processes with its simplistic and practical approach. If your maintenance costs exceed your budgets or expectations, a CMMS managed system like CERTEK - Maintenance can help you cut costs and add new life to your facility. We can help you if you have a small amount of equipment and systems, a large facility with high-volume equipment and multiple integrated systems, and multiple locations. CERTEK - Maintenance can be the answer to your questions and the solution to your problems. We can help you add life and longevity to your equipment and systems by helping you provide the maintenance care necessary to make this happen.

CERTEK has designed and used a custom CMMS software application for a few years for the maintenance of their laboratory facilities in different parts of the world. It offers a level of user friendliness next to none. It also provides necessary tools to perform preventive and corrective maintenance and to analyze data of equipment and systems for predictive maintenance. The CMMS application is available to those who desire to maintain their equipment and facilities with ease and efficiency. CERTEK - Maintenance will help save maintenance costs and add longevity to your equipment and facilities. If you want to help your staff and technicians to perform cost-effective maintenance and rest assured that maintenance is done right with a managed system, then CERTEK - Maintenance is your solution. Call us today to setup a virtual tour and discuss how we can help you. CONTACT US NOW at (919) 787-3989 or email us by clicking here.

CERTEK - Maintenance can be provided with two interfaces. One for field technicians and another for admin. Two of the three filters, four pages of the first filter and the six pages of the third filter shown here, are only for the field technicians. The admin interface has far more to offer in regards to historical data, setting dates, adding and editing users and tasks, reviewing submitted reports, monitoring repairs, closing repair issue tickets, and more. The prompts and reminders built into the system assists all users to remain on track to perform maintenance in a timely manner before schedules expire, which could leave maintenance not being completed. Many automated tools are built into the system to prevent overwriting of data by users, to keep critical data refreshed, to keep users aware of incomplete data that could lead to potential failures, and more.

If you want to know how much more CERTEK - Maintenance can help you, please contact us. Speak to a consultant today at (919) 787-3989 or email us by clicking here.

These pages from the Starter Plan contains historical data from reports and repairs, client information, the dashboard and logs for analyzing issues.

The three main filters available on some plans help you navigate throughout the pages of the maintenance website.

These four pages of the first filter contains historical data of repairs and reports.

These six pages of the third filter contains client information, the dashboard and logs for analyzing issues.

This colorful chart represents ranges of incomplete data for the Potential Failure Log. Each category of Incomplete Reports, Incomplete Repairs, Incomplete Readings, and Incomplete Task Notes has different risks for potential failure. This Potential Failure Log example shows that incomplete data will keep accumulating if repairs are not completed, notes are not entered, and reports are not submitted in a timely manner.

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Plans, Features, and Pricing

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Features along with pricing will be released soon. Keep your eyes open for the NEW Maintenance Website and ears open for what we are saying. It will be loud and clear that your maintenance needs will be met here!

‘Manufacturing, Construction, and Maintenance History and Expertise’

CERTEK History and Expertise

The CERTEK modular laboratory division was founded in 1996 with D.W. Evans Electric, Inc. (DWEE) as one of the five primary contributing partners and then in 2010, CERTEK was acquired as a division of DWEE. The world’s first modular laboratory was placed on top of a 5-story building for Louisiana State University in 1997. Since that time, CERTEK has manufactured, setup, and started dozens of laboratories throughout the world. Our clients range from the U.S. Army, the Pentagon, State Universities, private entities, and international government and university clients approved by the U.S. Government. CERTEK has high reviews from the CDC and have given presentations to NIH concerning manufacturing and the installation of modular laboratories. Our laboratory facilities have been used to research SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), Ebola, MERS, TB, Anthrax, and other select agents. Therefore, for safety purposes, maintenance is very important for continued and safe operations of these facilities.

CERTEK has been contracted to perform and/or manage the maintenance for several of these facilities throughout the world. Our expertise expands into all trades of General Construction, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. We install and perform maintenance on other systems to include control systems, low voltage systems, door interlock systems, specialty filtering systems, telephone and data systems, water purification systems, waste water systems, decontamination systems, levelling systems, slide-out systems, gloveboxes, biological safety cabinets, and many other systems that you would find in laboratory and cleanroom environments.

CERTEK’s capabilities has also presented opportunities for our maintenance services to be used in existing pharmaceutical, biological research, and healthcare facilities. Some of our active clients are located in Research Triangle Park of Durham NC, Doha Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and in other places.

D.W. Evans Electric, Inc. History and Expertise

DWEE was founded in 1979 as an electrical construction contractor. Many opportunities presented themselves because company representatives were building relationships with our clientele which developed a strong trust. Therefore, some construction projects grew into maintenance opportunities. The company quickly grew into not only a construction contractor, but one of maintaining existing equipment and facilities. The demand for maintenance grew with the company constantly adding new clientele.

Electrical and telephone equipment maintenance increased with clientele like GTE (a telephone service provider), Verizon, and Frontier (a telephone service provider). Research Triangle Park (RTP) in Durham NC, which is the largest research park in America, offered many opportunities for construction and maintenance and still does.

DWEE acquired a reputation in the healthcare industry due to Duke University Medical Center and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill being near the company. The demand for construction and maintenance grew in this area astronomically. We are still very strong in healthcare, especially in patient care environments. DWEE also has experience in the educational, institutional, governmental, military, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, and research sectors.

Combined Expertise and Commitment

Starting with our principals, who have over 140 years of combined expertise, we continue to add experts in various fields to offer the best maintenance solutions. We take the worry out of making it work or how to maintain it. Our combined history has allowed us to use our manufacturing, construction, and maintenance experience from DWEE and CERTEK to develop a cost-effective CMMS application for maintenance that can fit any operations and maintenance facility need. We have created it to be user friendly with an appealing look. CERTEK has used this program for a few years to perform maintenance for our clients. It has been proven to be a valuable tool for any maintenance program.

We are a professional manufacturing company that’s a unique blend of relational commitment and the art of maintenance. A big part of our marketing strategy is not only to sell a service or a product, but to build relationships.

We recognize that every maintenance plan isn’t only about maintaining a building, it’s really about the people involved with bringing that building to life and maintaining that level of life. To us, that means relational dynamics are every bit as important as providing an application with a user-friendly interface. And that’s why we’re committed to developing a responsive and trusted partnership that understands the unique perspective and vision for our client’s maintenance needs. Allow our experience to work for you. May you maintain a great day!

Are you ready for more information? Speak to a consultant today at (919) 787-3989 or email us by clicking here.