Disinfecting COVID-19

CERTEK 500 Disinfectant, Disinfecting Kit, Foggers and Sprayers

Promotion Through December 31, 2020

Take advantage of this promotion before the deadline. We desire to help businesses, churches, schools and any other public and private facilities to reopen and operate safely. We are excited to release this great offer! Let us help you keep your business and home safe. Whether it’s preparing for a reopening or just normal business operations or even at home protecting your family, we have the solution for you to stay worry-free. Check out our COVID KILLING product that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, child and pet safe, and EPA approved.

Get a 4th gallon, quart spray or quart refill FREE of CERTEK 500 Disinfectant when you purchase three (3) at a very low price. When you consider four (4) for the price of three (3) the price is lower than we have ever offered the CERTEK 500 Disinfectant. Take advantage of this offer while it lasts. We have our disinfectant available in larger quantities for those who have large spaces to disinfect more frequently. Call us and talk to a representaive today on how we can assist you with your disinfecting needs.

THIS IS AN EXCELLLENT PRODUCT FOR HOME USE. Keep your children, loved ones with underlying conditions, and your fur babies safe with CERTEK 500 Disinfectant. Follow the label instructions for all approved applications and consistently follow proper protocols and you can protect your family from COVID-19 and other unseen enemies that attempts to plague our homes.

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CERTEK 500 Disinfectant

The CERTEK 500 disinfectant is available in several different volumes and quantities and will be shipped directly to you. Any volume or quantity can be purchased, however any volume or quantity is also available with a subscription to take the worry out of whether you will run out or not. Talk to a sales representative today!

The CERTEK 500 Disinfectant is EPA approved, eco-friendly, non-toxic, child and pet safe, safe to use on food surfaces, and does not leave a residue.

DFK - Disinfecting Kit

The Disinfecting Kit (DFK) comes with a 10 micron particle fogger, one gallon of CERTEK 500 Disinfectant, a quart spray bottle of CERTEK 500 Disinfectant, PPE* (goggles, gloves, shoe covers, Tyvek suit with a hood, and a N95 mask), a roll of pH test paper**, a roll of chlorine test paper**, documentation (reorder pricing sheet, protocol recommendations, and step-by-step guide), and a training video on a jump drive.

* PPE is not needed to use the disinfectant because it is non-toxic. The PPE is provided for your convenience and safety, because you may have to enter an area that may be contaminated.

** The pH and chlorine test paper are used to validate your applications of the disinfectant to let those entering the spaces you have disinfected know that it is safe. The validation process is explained in the training video.

Call us at (919) 787-3989 or email us at info@CERTEK-usa.com.


ULV 120V Electric Cold Fogger - Made in the USA

This fogger provides a well controlled cold mist from a stable low-slung, self-contained case with a plastic handle to provide ease of operation and electrical isolation. The fogger will disperse CERTEK 500 to decontaminate residential and commercial air systems, spaces, vehicles, and more. The ULV Cold Fogger is excellent to use for larger spaces such as church sanctuaries, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and much more.


  • ULV – Ultra Low Volume
  • Adjustable Flow Nozzle 0-.115 GPM, 5-50 Microns
  • Chemically-resistant Viton seals
  • (1) One-Gallon Tanks
  • Lock-In-Place Nozzle Head
  • Holds Settings when machine is shut off
  • 2 Spring-loaded valves, which only dispense product when depressed
  • Instant shut off when Valve is released. Only Fogger on the market that will not leak when turned off, without requiring the nozzle to be turned off
  • Motor Failure Safeguard (Secondary Check Valves to prevent backflow)
  • 908 Watt High performance Motor
  • Large, easy to fill reservoirs
  • Stable base – Won't tip
  • 6' Hose
  • Rotationally Molded Poly tanks and Motor Cover
  • Convenient handle allowing for balance with small or large amount of liquid in tank
  • Secure Storage Bracket for Nozzle Head
  • Power switch atop main housing
  • Hose storage bracket
  • Lighter than most standard foggers


This multi-function sprayer is perfect for sterilizing viruses and applying a consistent full coverage to almost any surface. Covers most surfaces in a home, office, vehicle, and more in seconds to minutes depending upon area.


  • Rate voltage: 18v dc
  • Battery capacity: 2000mah li-ion x2
  • Rated power: 120w
  • Copper nozzle size: 1.0mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm
  • Container: 800ml (1.69pts)
  • Motor speed: 30000/min
  • Weight: 1.5kg(3.3lbs)