Decontamination CMMS Plans

Training and Support

CERTEK offers two options for training and support. We offer these options, with your schedule in mind for better support of your CERTEK product. An option must be selected and included in the pricing phase of your project.

Option A: Customers are asked to send all those responsible for operating and maintaining the laboratory to the CERTEK facility for training on the proper functioning of the equipment systems. This typically includes Laboratory Managers, Mechanical Technicians and Maintenance Personnel. Please note that all clients from outside of the United States must verify that all US State Department and Commerce Department approvals are in place prior to arrival in the United States for training.

Option B: CERTEK can perform the training on the site of the customer’s facility after the laboratory is set up and reassembled. The extent of the on site training will be determined with the customer to price accordingly and work into the schedule of the project. This option will require CERTEK personnel to be on site for a longer period of time and will add time to the overall schedule.

For additional online support, clients are required to provide an internet connection in the mechanical room for connection to the controls system supplied with the laboratory and other Modular, SafePOD and ReadyPOD products. CERTEK can monitor the performance of the equipment as presently configured, as well as examine the operation for the last 30 calendar days. If necessary, CERTEK can alter the control program to address changes that may be needed.

If maintenance plans are purchased, an internet connection is a requirement per the plan to offer support to on-site personnel for maintenance efforts through schedules and repairs.