Decontamination CMMS Plans

Filter Change-Out Service

Filter change-out is necessary for the safety of your personnel and longevity of your facilities and products, but can often prove difficult and potentially dangerous when not performed correctly. CERTEK is here to help. When you utilize our Filter Change-Out Service you can rest assured that old filters will be safely and properly removed and disposed of, saving you time and frustration while providing you with peace of mind.

Under normal circumstances, a filter may need to be changed out because the filter pressure is too high and/or has failed testing. The filter will be isolated from the duct systems by isolation dampers. A risk assessment must be completed of the research performed within the facility if an in-line filter within the exhaust system or a filter as part of the BSC or Glovebox system needs replacing. The filter to be changed out must be decontaminated before it is removed and the documentation retrieved before the change-out begins. CERTEK can also decontaminate your filters and perform this service at the same time as a filter change-out. Standard operating procedure for Filter Change-Out includes directions on how to properly prepare a filter for removal.

The Filter Change-Out Service also includes new filters, removal of old filters, installation of new filters, testing and certification; third party pickup, transportation, and disposal of old filters per EPA 6.2 standard; and manifest completion.


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