Decontamination CMMS Plans


Self-Sustained Mobile Laboratory System

CERTEK’s mobile laboratory (ReadyPOD) will provide a workspace in which operators can work safely with chemical and biological materials.

The ReadyPOD will provide the ability to respond to intentional and unintentional incidents involving biological and chemical agent release.

The ReadyPOD can be deployed and positioned where there is a risk of biological and/or chemical terrorism or to support public health missions such as an influenza or other outbreak, or natural disaster response.

When not deployed in response to a crisis, the ReadyPOD will provide the flexibility to accommodate laboratory surge capacity in support of public and agricultural health operations and can be pre-positioned to serve as an All Hazards Receipt Facility (AHRF) during high profile events.

The ReadyPOD will provide military units and first responders with a facility for emergency response where they will have the use of laboratory equipment, including Class II and Class III Biological Safety Cabinets, pass-through containment boxes, and analytical equipment essential for working safely and effectively with chemical and biological hazardous materials.

The ReadyPOD can be designed and operated as:

  • Bio-Safety Laboratory Level II and III (BSL-2 and BSL-3)
  • All Hazards Receipt Facility (AHRF) negative pressure.
  • Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) with an over pressure system.
  • The ReadyPOD is custom built and configured to your specific needs.
  • The CommandPOD (command and control) comes with internet, cellular, and / or satellite communications.
  • The SupportPOD (sleeping for six with shower, toilet, and kitchen).
  • With all three systems you will have a truly self-sustained environment anywhere in the world you need to deploy.
  • Units can be interconnected. (Optional)
  • The ReadyPOD can be built in a 20', 40', or 53' shipping container, 53' Semi Trailer or CERTEK's custom designed heavy-duty steel framed mobile structure.


  • Generator supplied. Approximately twenty-eight hours on one tank of fuel.
  • Onboard water tanks.
  • Sinks drain into holding tanks for later disposal.
  • Hot and tepid water.
  • Chassis and auto-leveling system available.
  • Airlock with Interlocked doors.
  • Automatic transfer switch (ATS) installed. Generator can be used as backup / emergency power supply.
  • Water tank can be bypassed and connected to a water supply. (Backflow protected)
  • Walls and ceiling options of a pigmented high build epoxy coating for air tightness, durability and facilitates gaseous decontamination, PVC welded panels or a resin-based system.
  • Flooring options of a pigmented high build epoxy coating for air tightness, durability and facilitates gaseous decontamination, or vinyl 4" to 6" up the wall welded system.
  • Hands free sink operations.
  • Eye wash station at sinks.
  • HEPA filtered supply and exhaust air, 99.97% at 0.30 micrometer particle efficiency.
  • Chemical, Biological, and Radiological filter system will meet the following standards:
  1. MIL-PRF-32016 test method for absorber charcoal media to absorb aerosol with a minimum residence time of 0.25 seconds.
  2. MIL-DTL-32101 specifications for ASZM-TEDA Carbon.
  3. MIL-STD-282, dioctyl phthalate (DOP) test method for HEPA filter efficiency of 99.97 percent at a 0.3 μm diameter particle size.
  4. MIL-F-51079D for HEPA filter medium requirements.
  5. MIL-STD-282- T105/EAF1284.
  • Variable speed-controlled exhaust to maintain negative pressure.
  • Isolation dampers on dirty and clean side of exhaust HEPA filters for isolation and decontamination.
  • Isolation damper on supply immediately after HEPA filter for laboratory isolation.
  • Multiple stages of alarms for negative pressure labs to ensure the laboratory will not become positive to the outside.

Biosafety level II and III designs are built to BMBL and enhanced standards

Constructed for rugged terrain in developing nations and for remote locations.

Onboard Generator system.

Slide-outs Provide more space.

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