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Modular Laboratory Relocation Service

CERTEK is proud to provide a modular laboratory relocation service for existing modular laboratories that need to be moved and set up at a new location. The longevity and quality of our clients’ products and laboratories are always of the utmost importance to us. The relocation of these facilities is no different, which is why we perform a thorough evaluation of the existing site of the laboratory as well as the new site of the facility as part of our meticulous relocation process. These evaluations serve to generate information regarding price and scope, but more importantly to generate a list of changes and techniques necessary to place the laboratory safely and properly at the new proposed location.

Inclusions for the evaluation process may vary, but generally you can expect the tasks to follow as part of the completed evaluation report. An evaluation of the existing site of the facility; performing systems tests for proper function of the facility per the original design; checking airflow, temperature, and pressures for proper function per the original design; inspecting the interior conditions for proper seal and any damage to walls needing repairs; inspecting roof for leaks and any damage from leaks if any exist; inspecting exterior conditions for proper seal and any repairs needed; recording all checks and inspections to provide reports containing results and recommendations for the relocation pricing and the relocation phase; and an estimated number of days (dependent on the size of facility and distance between the existing and new location sites) for evaluating the existing location, travel, and evaluating the new proposed location.

To evaluate your laboratory and sites efficiently and effectively, some exclusions may apply. For instance, the evaluation process generally does not include troubleshooting any existing service issues; performing any repairs to existing conditions found during the evaluation process; performing any maintenance or service to the facility and systems; disconnecting any services or utilities for the evaluation process; decontaminating the facility and filters as required for evaluation process; certifications; and training and support for existing systems and operations for the facility. CERTEK, however, does provide services in which these tasks can be performed. For more information you can explore the ‘Services’ area of our website.

Before the evaluation process can begin our clients will be provided a contract in which the process will be outlined with client-specific details, contract price and payment information, and special provisions related to the process such as amount of time needed for planning travel and determination of a date range of the evaluation per the availability of the client and CERTEK. This contract must be signed and returned to CERTEK before travel plans can be made and a date for the evaluation can be set. Once the contract is returned the evaluation portion of the relocation process can commence.

Once the evaluation process has been completed as outlined above, CERTEK will be able to provide recommendations for relocating your facility, as well as to quote a price for the actual relocation portion of the service. This quote would most likely include breakdown of the facility at its current location, transport to the new location, functionality upgrades, startup, filter certification, testing, and commissioning, but may differ according to the specific needs of your facility. To be clear, filter change-out and decontamination services are not automatically included in our relocation services but are services that CERTEK is able to provide and therefore can be included in your quote.

It is our goal to provide all our clients with the absolute best products, facilities, and services possible. Our attention to detail and preparedness is one of the keys to our success and, we believe, contributes to the success of our clients. Consider allowing us to share our success with you when you choose to use our CERTEK Modular Laboratory Relocation Service for your laboratory relocation needs.

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